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FUN FACT: Most clients never click the "About Me' section of a photographers website.

So if you're here, your fully invested into knowing who is going to capture your moments for you and that alone makes me excited so let's jump into details!

 I'm Camella, but many of you may know me as Redd depending on the journey of life that you met me in!

I am an avid creative who wears many hats in the creative and business world. I paint, I do graphic design, business building consultations, I craft, and the list goes on. But most importantly of course the reason that you are here I’m a photographer! I sparked an interest in photography back in 2010 when I received a green smart camera for Christmas and that was my first time behind a lens. I would take pictures of family, friends, nature, and etc with it and I started to realize that I had an eye for “catching the angles” and that my sense of composition was above average. 

I went to a pawn shop back in 2013 and ran up on a lightly used DSLR camera with an extended lens and  had a nice quality upgrade and started getting asked to take photos for people where I charged a bare minimum to capture photos for family and friends (you have to start somewhere, right?)

With an interest in cameras and 3 years under my belt, I took a photography course my freshman year of college, where I learned every aspect of my camera and a few months later purchased my first  professional grade DSLR and learned how to shoot like a pro and the rest is history…

I take pride in being able to BUILD memories for individuals and their loved ones and I look forward to building memories with you!

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